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In-depth Social Media Expertise + Super Secure Escrow Service = Scrowise

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Our vision

We were born from just a simple question... "Why can't social media accounts get transferred like products?" People can simply communicate and come to an agreement but when it comes to the payment, both parties are full of doubts. From the beginning, we focussed on building a platform that does the job with these criteria:
security, speed, and simplicity!
We understand users are coming from different countries and it didn’t stop us to communicate and deliver their accounts/payments. Our agents use Google Translate when someone can’t speak English and we know how to handle international payments even for countries who don’t support Paypal/Western Union.
Our team at Scrowise really cares about this mission and customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority.

Scrowise.com has pioneered the process of online escrow services for social media accounts. The Company, founded in 2016, has established itself as one of the leading providers of secure business and consumer social media transaction management on the Internet. We have served so many famous businesses and celebrities around the world and of course, your data will be kept confidential and your satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, scrowise.com provides online escrow services that facilitate and accelerate e-commerce by assuring a secure settlement.


Scrowise cares about users

We are trying to build an escrow service to get social media transaction done safe, secure and save your time. We care about our clients, and the best service is what you deserve. Your feedback is always helpful, and we are open to hearing you out.






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