Beware of Copycats

Dear Scrowise Customers and Users, we at Scrowise would like to formally announce that recently our website has been copied by scammers. Fraudulent versions of the Scrowise website have been circulating in the digital world and making deceitful attempts and eliciting funds from our customers.

Also, we would like to inform all our dear customers at Scrowise.com that we Do Not possess any social media accounts on any platform, including Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, or any other platform that may get into contact with you on our behalf.

Also, we at Scrowise Do not have any Partners or Additional Websites apart from “Scrowise.com” and “Socialtradia.com”.

So if customers come by any website like (“escrowise.net”), (“shieldescrow.com”), (“escrow.social”)... which have copied our logo, website, and the user interface; please be notified that they are fraud.

We are strictly stating that we Do Not have Any Partners, or own any Additional Websites, or Social Media Accounts. So, Please Stay away from these websites and platforms and Do Not provide any Social media account credentials, credit card, or personal information.

We at Scrowise would Not Hold Any Responsibility for credentials, payments, personal information, or credit card details given to these fraudulent websites and spammy social media accounts.

Scrowise.com has made a formal complaint against such scammers and fraudulent entities circulating the internet for the sake of our users.

Thank you for your attention and stay safe.