Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to use Scrowise like a pro.

General Questions

-The Scrowise process is very simple, we are the man in the middle for your secure social media account transaction. You need to have an agreement prior to filling out the form and we will take it from there.

Here are the steps:
-The buyer sends the payment to Scrowise
-The seller provides the credentials (Account + Original Email) and the bank
information to Scrowise
-Scrowise performs the fully secure takeover of the account
-The seller receives the Payment
-The buyer receives the Account
This process gets triggered by receiving the funds from the buyer and based on the seller's cooperation, it might take between 4h to 48h.

As the buyer, you either receive your account or the full refund. Also, we make sure the seller can't restore the account which is the expertise that Scrowise brings to the table.

As the seller, the moment the takeover of your account is performed, Scrowise releases the payment and there will be no chargebacks.

As the buyer, you want to make sure you will receive the account and no one can restore it from you. As the seller, you don't want to provide your account to a stranger who can run away without paying or pay and chargeback within the next 6 months.

So the moment you have reached an agreement on the price and Original email, Scrowise form can be filled out by any of the parties.

Absolutely! However, we have witnessed hijacking names in the middle of the transaction so we strongly recommend getting the account as a whole and we provide consultations on how you can switch the names to minimize the risk.

Definitely, as long as the seller has the username and password, we can perform the takeover and bring our social media expertise to the table and protect you against fraud.

You will have access to your dashboard and that's how you can track the progress of your transaction at any stage.

Also, you will be in touch with the admin who is handling your transaction via the built-in chat system in your panel.

Any ambiguity or bump up gets resolved in real-time and you have nothing to worry about.

We will be in touch with you throughout the entire process so there is nothing to worry about. Aside from the agreed price, the only terms we are dealing with is providing the Original email. Some sellers can't let it go since it is their personal email and some of them don't have access to it.

As long as the seller does not provide the original email and the password, there is a room for risk but we have some ways around it to minimize the chance of losing the account.

Simply let us know through the built-in chat system and we will cancel the transaction for you. If we are holding the funds, it will be refunded. However, if we have taken over the account and paid the seller, we can't cancel the transaction and you will receive your account.

There will be contracts and they need to be validated by your ID. We are dealing with intangible goods with no shipping track code and Scrowise takes security very seriously!

However, you have nothing to worry about since IDs will be kept extremely confidential and will get removed after a certain period of time.

Scrowise Account

The short answer is you don't have to.
Basically you can initiate the transaction by filling out the form and you will be registered automatically.

By the way, if you have signed up before, then simply log in to your account and initiate your transaction from there.

Creating an account with Scrowise is absolutely free!
You only pay an insignificant amount when a transfer is completed and our transaction fee can be paid by the buyer, seller, or even gets splitted between both of them.

Because you will have access to a gorgeous panel which enables you to manage all your transactions.

You can simply buy and sell social media accounts back to back and we put so much effort to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Once you have created your transaction, you will see a built in chat system for each transaction and that's how you can communicate with the Admin.

However, feel free to send your questions to [email protected] and we will keep the ball rolling.


We ask for your bank information and you will receive the payment in the form of a wire transfer with your currency.

We provide the best conversion rate through Transferwise.com and we cover the wire fee.

However, if your country doesn't support international wire transfers, we have other options like Paypal, Western Union, or even cryptocurrency.

At this point, we accept credit card payments for amounts below $400 and wire transfer / Transferwise.com for anything higher than that.
Also, we recently started accepting cryptocurrency if that's something you are into.

There are three options for paying the escrow fee which is an insignificant amount:

-Buyer: the escrow fee will be added to the original transaction amount and the buyer will receive one invoice for the total amount.

-Seller: Buyer will receive an invoice for the original amount but the escrow fee gets deducted prior to releasing the payment to the seller.

-Split: this is simply half and half so both parties can contribute to the escrow fee. The buyer pays a little bit higher and the seller receives a little bit less and this is the most common option among our users.