Escrow Service for TikTok Accounts

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TikTok Escrow Service

TikTok Escrow

Since its arrival in 2011, Tiktok has become one of the most loved app all over the world. The Chinese app got immediate recognition among the talents around the world. Many people made a vast follower base on this popular app and several people became stars with its help. With such popularity, this app has become an advertisement place for many people.

People have succeeded to get millions of followers with the help of small videos. It’s all about followers. But there can be circumstances when you can’t continue with your TikTok account? Or what if you are new to it and you want an established follower-base for your genre? What about selling your TikTok account or buying a TikTok account? Yes. It is possible?

Escrow Service For TikTok Account

When you are looking forward to buying or selling a TikTok account, it is important that you take the help of middlemen or an escrow service to secure your payment. At Scrowise, we guarantee you faster service and full ownership of your new account in 24 hours. We value your time and complete your transaction as soon as possible. There are several fraud sites and people out there who are ready to defraud you by promising you results. Beware of them. Choose a trusted site like Scrowise and secure your transaction. Get the ownership of your new TikTok Account in minimum time.

How Does It Work?

It’s as simple as buying any of the products of your daily use. You know what you need and it serves your purpose, you look at it, choose it, pay for it and whoa! you are done. With Scrowise, you will get verified listings that you can trust blindly. These are the main stages of the simple process.

  • Get Started- As our valued user, as a first step, you need to log into your account on Scrowise and enter all your details. It is a basic but most important step in order to use the services of Scrowise.
  • Collecting the details- As a second step, we collect data from both the parties. As a buyer, you can enter the requirements like the genre you are interested in and the kind of account you are looking for. We collect the account from the buyer as well as payment from the seller.
  • Handing Over The Account- As we receive the account from the seller with all the login credentials, we hand over the account to the buyer. You can check it out, make the changes and if you are satisfied, the account is sold. If you are not satisfied, you can also ask for your refund. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, and if you are not satisfied, we are ready to give your money back.
  • Make The Payment- As soon as the buyer is happy with the account, the payment is sent to the seller. Before finalizing the deal, you can decide on the amount you want for your account.
  • Leave Us A Review- As a trusted escrow service for your social media accounts, do give us a rating and recommend us to your friends and family.

Why Do You Need To Choose Us?

We are a licensed escrow service provider and have been working with various clients around the globe. At Scrowise, we verify every listing and after proper verification, post it on our website for you to choose one that serves your purpose and fulfills your needs. So, complete your TikTok exchange transactions with Scrowise. Your hard work must pay you off and your followers must get the service even after you are no longer available.