Escrow Service For Twitter Accounts

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Twitter Escrow Service

Twitter Escrow

With those who love taking pictures with all the different filters and have some fun with them, the Twitter launch was a boon. This popular social media account has been very popular among its users and it still is. People love sharing the snaps and have fun. Business advertisers can advertise everywhere; all they need is a platform.

When Twitter came into the market, no one had thought that this social media site will also become a popular advertising place. And it happened. Not only was it used, but it also proved to be successful just like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And just like these other social media platforms, selling, and buying of Twitter accounts started. But you cannot just finalize a deal with someone who is a complete stranger. You need to verify an account, their payment methods, their business or product offering if they match yours, and so many other aspects need to be considered. You need an escrow service for Twitter accounts. Wondering what it is?

Work With Scrowise

A middleman who can be just to both the parties is essential in every transaction whether it is performed online or offline. When you are selling an account with a party who is not known to you and payment is going to be dealt through a digital payment service, you need a middleman who can look after your transaction. Scrowise is the middleman you need. With the trusted escrow service of Scrowise, selling and buying social media accounts have become very easy.

Scrowise accepts payment on your behalf and verify the seller’s account for you so that you don’t have to do a thing. Just give us your details, place a finger on your desired account, and done! After both the buyer and seller agree to the terms, the transaction is complete.

How Does It Work?

It is as simple as selling your Facebook or Instagram page.

  • Get Started- The first step is very important i.e. you need to sign up and log in to your Scrowise account in order to list your account or browse our listings.
  • Collecting The Details- Scrowise team will collect data from both the parties. The buyer will transfer the payment into the Scrowise escrow account. The seller needs to give all the details of the accounts along with the administrator’s power.
  • Handing Over The Account- Once the verification is complete, the buyer has decided on the account and the seller has agreed to sell it on a particular price, the account is handed over to the buyer who can check it out and change the settings and ownership.
  • Transfer The Payment- After the account has been handed over, Scrowise does not delay in transferring the payment to the seller.
  • Give Us A Thumbs Up- After using our professional service, all you have to do is post a review for us and give us a boost to help other social media account holders.

This entire process completes in 24 hours. Isn’t it fast?

A Reliable Way To Sell Or Buy Twitter Accounts

When you are appointing a third party to look out your transaction, you must ensure that it is a reliable party. With Scrowise, you can trust our services without any worries. Serving the clients in 24 countries with utmost professionalism and perfection, Scrowise is your first and only choice for escrow service for Twitter accounts.

The reviews of our satisfied clients are available for your perusal. Give us a chance to help you out in completing your social media exchange transactions. Our team is ready to help you 7 days a week.