Escrow Service For Facebook Accounts

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Facebook Escrow Service

Facebook Escrow

Since 2004, Facebook has been a trusted social media network for millions of people around the globe. And not only for individuals, but it has proved to be very useful for businesses as well. It has become a great tool for social media marketing. Almost every other business has a Facebook page.

If you also have a Facebook page, you must know the hard work and dedication it takes to make it a successful one, to create a strong follower base, and give your best. There can be reasons when you can no longer operate your account or page. But you can't break the hearts of your followers, right? So what to do? Why not sell your Facebook account and get some money for all the work you put into it. Yes, you can sell your Facebook account and it is completely legal. Don’t know how to do that? Scrowise is here for you.

Scrowise For You

It is completely legal to sell your Facebook account and we can help you to get good money for your account. Scrowise is an escrow service provider who gets you the best price for your Facebook account without your lifting a finger. There are several scams running on the Internet that claims to help you get a Facebook account to serve your purpose, but you get nothing and lose money.

With Scrowise you don’t need to worry about a thing. We take care of everything regarding the sale or purchase of your account. Right from verifying the seller of the account to the payment made to us and whether the buyer and seller both are getting worth of their money. The importance of a middleman like Scrowise in these transactions is very crucial.

How Does Scrowise Work?

Though Good things take time, we complete your purchase or sell in 24 hours. Yes, that’s true. In these simple steps your transactions get completed and we are satisfied.

  • Get Started- It is imperative for you to fill our “Get Started” form and log in to your Scrowise account. In this way, you become a part of our family.
  • Collection Of The Data- Sellers can update their accounts on Scrowise which they want to sell. You can see numerous accounts on our website. The sellers transfer their administrator setting to Scrowise. Buyers can choose one as per their needs. Buyers need to make payment in the Scrowise escrow account.
  • Handing Over The Account- Once you have chosen the account and the buyer and the seller agrees to the price, We hand over the account to the buyer and they are free to make the changes they need and approve their purchase.
  • Transfer The Payment- As the buyer gets the account and approves it, we transfer the payment to the sellers account and whoa! You just made money with your Facebook account. It’s safe and secure.
  • Give Us A Thumbs Up- It’s simple and you don’t need to worry about a thing. Give us your account or make your payment and get the account you need. Once you are satisfied, do recommend us and give us thumbs up.

Scrowise Is All You Need

When we are talking about money, it is important to find someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Scrowise is an escrow service provider that is licensed, bonded and we have been helping social media account holders in almost 24 countries for years. Working for you is an opportunity for us to widen the size of our satisfied clients’ clan. We promise to not leave you alone and provide you our services by giving our best.