Escrow Service For YouTube Accounts

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YouTube Escrow Service

YouTube Escrow

When you are looking for a video, and if there is a video platform that everybody knows of, it’s YouTube. This amazing platform has a video on every topic and every subject. If you have a business account and you know how to sell your products on YouTube, it can prove to be a very important platform for your business too.

If you are operating a YouTube account and find it hard to be consistent or want to shut down your business, there is no need to simply pull the shutter down but you can find an escrow service for your YouTube account. Yes, you can sell your YouTube account to someone who provides the same products as you and can provide your subscribers with an ongoing service without having to switch over to any other channel.

There are many factors that can help you monetize your YouTube channel. And at Scrowise, we aim to ensure that you get the true worth of your account without having to worry about a thing.

Use Scrowise For Your YouTube Account

To ensure the rights of both the buyer and seller, a third party is a must. Escrow service for YouTube channels is provided by several websites on the Internet. But you don’t need to go to all the trouble and find out the best because you are already at one. Scrowise is the escrow service provider who acts as a middleman for buying or selling your YouTube account.

All the listings are verified by our team and only after verification, a YouTube account can be sold through our platform. There are certain factors that Scrowise considers before your account is available for buyers to check out.

  • Consistency- A YouTube account is successful only if consistently posts videos. If you are consistent, only then Scrowise team will approve our account.
  • Activity- Your channel must be active i.e. there must be videos on your channels. It should not be empty even if it has several subscribers.
  • Copyright Content- If you have no original work on your account and there can be copyright issues, it is hard to find any interested party.

Once you pass the verification stage, your transaction completes in a few simple stages.

Steps Required To Complete Transaction

  • Get Started- As the first step, simply sign up on Scrowise and log in to your account. Only after this stage, you can post your listing.
  • Collecting The Details- Our team collects data from both the parties. The seller updates the required details like the number of subscribers, details of all the owners of the account, and other details. The buyer selects an account and transfers the amount to the Scrowise escrow account.
  • Handing Over The Account- Scrowise transfers the account details to the buyer who changes the owner details and removes any other ownerships of the account say, managers or other executives.
  • Transfer The Payment- The YouTube account that you created and maintained for so long is sold and you get the payment. As soon as the ownership is validated in the YouTube account (as it takes 24 hours to change the owner), Scrowise transfers the payment to the seller.
  • Give Us A Review- If you find that you are satisfied you can recommend us to other Social Media account holders who may need our help.

Why Should You Choose Us?

With clients in almost 24 countries around the globe, Scrowise is a trusted, licensed, and bonded escrow service provider that helps you get actual worth of your hard work. We also get you an account that suits your needs perfectly. We are reliable, trustworthy, and most importantly free.